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Snap Phone Case - Duo

Snap Phone Case - Duo

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Introducing our 'Duo' Phone Case – a mesmerizing symphony of duality. This unique design features two enlarged eye irises against a deep black canvas, creating a striking visual contrast that's both captivating and enigmatic.

The 'Duo' case is a testament to the power of simplicity and elegance. The stark black background allows the irises to take center stage, drawing attention to their intricate beauty. It's a statement piece that exudes sophistication.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the 'Duo' Phone Case offers reliable protection for your device. Crafted with precision and care, it guards against scratches, bumps, and everyday wear, ensuring your phone remains in pristine condition.

With its minimalist yet impactful design, the 'Duo' case is a true reflection of refined taste. Carry a piece of art that makes a statement about your unique style and appreciation for understated elegance.

Elevate your phone with the 'Duo' Phone Case and experience the beauty of duality every time you reach for your device. Make a statement that's as bold and refined as you are.

Snap or Tough?


  • Hard plastic
  • Thin, beautiful and durable design
  • Extra camera security because of raised bezels around camera lenses
  • For those who like the original shape of their phone


  • Two-layered case: Silicone + Hard plastic
  • Covers all around the phone
  • Raised bezel for screen protections
  • Extra camera security because of raised bezels around camera lenses
  • Comfortable to hold
  • For those who needs extra protection while maintaining style


Orders are delivered form Kaunas, Lithuania.

Standard shipping:

Lithuania: 3-5 business days
Other European countries: 5-9 business days

Express shipping:

2-3 bussines days after fulfillment

Shipping prices:

Standard shipping: 4.95€ | Free shipping for orders above 75€ 

Express shipping: 10.95€

12 Months warranty

We are very sure about the quality of our cases and guarantee that Eye2Eye cases won't break, peel or fade, that's why we give 12 months warranty.


Do Eye2Eye Cases are good for wireless charging?

Yes, all Eye2Eye Cases are suitable for wireless charging. The phone can be charged without removing the case.

Does Ey2Eye Cases work with MagSafe®️?

Yes, Eye2Eye Cases  "Tough+MagSafe®️" are compatable with MagSafe®️. Before ordering, make sure you are ordering a "MagSafe®️" case, not a regular "Tough" case.

Do cases provide protection for camera lenses?

Our cases has a raised bezel around your phones camera lenses, so when the phone is lying flat on it's back - camera lenses are not touching the suraface.

How well will my phone be protected with your cases?

Tough cases have a inner silicone layer which protects your phone from fall damage and absorbs the impact. Also the case has raised bezels around screen and camera lenses.

Do you take returns?

We put all our effort that our clients would be fully satisfied with our products, so if you get a product which does not satisfy your expectations you can return it in 30 days and get a full refund for the product.

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